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The Creative Clan, also known as "TCC" is an advertising agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.
In order to understand how they came to be, you’d first have to meet their founder Ross Walker. Ross was fortunate enough to travel extensively and work internationally with some of the top brands and companies in the world. He was fortunate enough to be able to partner with some extremely talented creators and digital artists. This collaboration enabled Ross to create some amazing works and also resulted in him being able to build an agency called The Creative Clan.

The name came about because Ross believes he’s formed a clan of amazing creatives that work together to produce masterpieces for their clients! TCC has a large extended team all over the world which is why they are able to assist you virtually wherever you are. Now internationally recognized, TCC works for a multitude of brands and companies, big and small, in almost 100 different countries. They are only limited by your imagination.
A number of creative experts in their specialised fields, on the content creation side, as well as award-winning photographers and videographers are part of this exciting up and coming business. In addition, they partner with world-class digital artists and extremely talented web and app developers. Packages are tailor-made around their client’s needs so if a client doesn’t need a full team, they will be offered just one or two clan members to realise their creative and digital dreams.

Art, Film and Creative Directors are ready and waiting to assist!

One of TCC’s secret weapons is their talent at making connections. With their help, clients will be able to identify their most lucrative target audience and, once established, will be assisted to develop messaging that speaks to that target audience directly and position their products or services as THE “can’t-live-without" solution!

Digging a little deeper, TCC will then be able to create a customised plan of action that speaks directly to their client’s audience and industry, thereby achieving their client’s long and short term company goals.

The solution can consist of a mix of product development, market research, branding, online and offline advertising, public relations, as well as content marketing. In addition to the above, visual content consisting of photography, videography and graphic design could be added on to complete the package offering.

When asked what one of the most important lessons he has learned whilst growing this business, Ross was quoted as follows: “Connections are also about relationships. And our relationship with our clients is both a priority and a point of pride”.

“Let's start making connections, and watch your business grow”.

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