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Our Services

Let's see what we can do for you!

Still and Motion Images
Photographic Services

We cater for all types of photography, whether its product, event, fashion, etc. We have a team of photographers just for you.

Digital Retouching

- Removing dust spots
- Removing scratches
- Removing cracks and tears
- Cropping and resizing
- Skin & facial enhancement
- Colour correction
- Combining images
- Panoramic stitching
- Extending backgrounds
- Improving image density
- Lens defect removal
- Deep etching
- Restoration

Videography Services

We do anything from small social videos all the way to feature films, music videos, event aftermovies and brand videos.

Post Production

Even if you have footage already you just need someone to edit in a professional, new age manner. We offer post production services where we can take your footage and make the best possible visuals from them.

Creative Direction/Art Direction

If it's just that you need some direction on your set, we have Film, Creative and Art Directors that will come in and help you.

Digital Design and Web Development
Web and App Development

We do custom websites and mobile apps, whether its a web store you need or a site with booking features, you tell us what you need and we will make it come to life.

Digital Design

We do anything from simple single designs and logos all the way to full brand identity designs.

SEO and Ad Words

We have SEO and Ad Word specialists waiting to make your site be the first to appear.

3D Rendering

Have a property development or a room you want to render. Maybe you want a car in a couple of unique locations, we can design that for you.

Social Media Management

PR & Social Media Management

We have some basic packages, where we manage the your PR and social media, scheduling, designing, etc. But we know that every client is different in their own way so we custom make each one of you your own package, to suit you best!

Facebook Ads

We are Facebook Partners, so when it comes to tageting the correct audience, we've got you. We set-up and manage all your ads and can run them on both Facebook and Instagram.

Brand Development

We understand that every brand is different so we don't put this in a box. So what we do is we come in and sit with you and discuss what you are doing and how you can improve your business in your market, we have some of the best brand strategists.

Domains & Hosting
Starter Email


Email Accounts: 10
Disk Quota: 300 MB
Spam Filters

Small Business Email


Email Accounts: 50
Disk Quota: 750 MB
Spam Filters

Business Email


Email Accounts: 100
Disk Quota: 2 000 MB
Spam Filters

Agency Email


Email Accounts: 250
Disk Quota: 3 000 MB
Spam Filters

Custom Package

Contact us on for a custom hosting package!

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