Hammanskraal Water Project

Project Type

Social Campaign





We were tasked with documenting the delivery of water to preschools in Hammanskraal, a town near Pretoria deeply affected by a decade-long water crisis. Our client was distributing water to schools that lacked access to clean drinking water, addressing a critical need in the community.


Aerial Filming & Drone Flight Planning, Creative Development, Filming, Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)


The primary challenge was to craft a compelling narrative from the footage captured during the shoot, which had to be conducted swiftly without a predefined storyboard or shot list. We had to navigate seven different locations without prior scouting, making it a challenging run-and-gun filming scenario.


We opted for a smaller camera setup and made use of natural lighting to accommodate the fast-paced nature of the shoot. While capturing the water distribution at the schools, we also focused on details and moments that would enhance the story beyond the immediate actions. We sought out personal stories and broader context during the shoot, which added significant depth to our story of the ongoing crisis. These personal insights enriched the narrative, providing a fuller understanding of the community's struggles.


The full video powerfully captures the adversity and resilience of the Hammanskraal community. It highlights not only the critical relief provided by the water donations but also the persistent challenges faced by the people. The impactful personal stories, like that of a local man who gardens despite the water shortage, relying on a borehole that, tragically, gets contaminated with sewage. His grandmother's account of having to boil this water for safe use due to unreliable water truck deliveries adds context to the narrative, urging viewers to support the community in overcoming these hardships.

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