Imibala Gala Party

Project Type

Event Coverage & Distribution





We were thrilled to be part of the Imibala Summer Gala, a major event thrown by the Imibala Trust Charity, which focuses on raising money to support their fantastic programs. They brought us on board to build hype about the event and capture all the action through video and photos to help sell tickets and cover the big night.


Scheduling & Production Management, Storyboarding & Scripting, Health and Safety Planning, Aerial Filming & Drone Flight Planning, Creative Development, Filming, Photography, Same Day On-Site Delivery, Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)


The primary challenge was to create compelling visual content that not only highlighted the elegance and excitement of the Imibala Summer Gala but also effectively conveyed the mission and impact of the Imibala Trust Charity. Additionally, the content needed to be captivating enough to drive ticket sales, support PR efforts and engage a broad audience, including potential donors who were unable to attend the event.


To address these challenges, we deployed a multi-faceted approach:

Pre-Event Promotion - We produced a series of high-quality teaser videos and photos that featured the charities programs and children, testimonials from beneficiaries of the charity, and sneak peeks of the planned gala attractions. These were distributed across various digital platforms to maximise reach and engagement.

Event Coverage - During the gala, our team focused on capturing the essence of the event through dynamic photography and videography. This included key moments such as speeches, the main entertainment acts, and guest interactions and the auction. Special attention was given to capturing emotive content that highlighted the philanthropic spirit of the evening.

Post-Event Recap - We created a compelling hero video, accompanied by multiple short social videos and photo album from the event, emphasising the key outcomes and the auction pieces that helped drive the money raised. This content was geared towards sustaining engagement with the attendees and supporters, and to serve as a promotional tool for future events.


The campaign was a resounding success:

Pre-event content significantly boosted online ticket sales, with a noticeable increase in engagement on social media platforms, resulting in a sold-out event.

Event coverage was highly praised for its professional quality and the ability to encapsulate the gala’s atmosphere, contributing to a broader reach in real-time via live updates and post-event shares.

The gala successfully raised R12 million, meeting its fundraising target, which was prominently featured in the post-event content to highlight the impact of donor contributions. The high-quality content produced has since been used to further promote the charity’s mission, support PR efforts and to secure sponsorships and support for future events.

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