Toyota Cheetahs Rugby

Project Type

Social Campaign






Life Size Replica

We were tasked with creating a series of videos showcasing the skills over several Cheetah’s Rugby Franchise players. The aim was split in two parts, one to tell the story about some of the Franchise players background and their rugby journeys. Two to show the contrast of experience between the older players versus the younger incoming talent in some fun challenges between the players.


Storyboarding & Scripting, Creative Development, Filming, Full Post-Production (Edit, Grade, Sound)


We were tasked with organising various engaging activities for the players within a tight timeframe, aiming to capture the authenticity of their personalities and team dynamics. The detailed planning of each activity was crucial to ensure that we stayed on schedule without sacrificing any valuable time with the players.


We crafted unique, engaging challenges designed to spark genuine enjoyment among the players. These were filmed thoughtfully to resonate well with our audience. Extensive planning was crucial to keep everything on track and capture the franchise players stories & all the challenges as well make the most of our limited time with the players.


The final edits effectively highlight the personal backgrounds and rugby journeys of the franchise players. They also showcase the team dynamics, with seasoned players like Ruan Pienaar, Rosco Speckman, and Oupa Mohojé, and their interactions with the younger players fostered a spirit of healthy competition, reflecting a strong and positive team culture.

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